"Fort Knox is really a great place to sell gold and find great jewelry.  The owner and his family are very nice and the service is excellent.  I have been a repeat customer and intend to use this place as my best gold place ever.  Wonderful experience and I recommend it highly."

Penny D

Oakland CA

"I unloaded the majority of the jewelery my grandmother hoarded from her Home Shopping days at Fort Knox of Alameda.  They pay market value for gold and silver upfront and in cash, where appropriate.  Other payouts are made by check.  I always have an excellent experience here, even when what looks like something is actually something else.  The young man who works here is insanely drool worthy.  Do I ever wish I had more gold to sell!"

Camille K

Alameda CA

"So there I was at the beginning of the holiday season last year, all bummed out because once again I had very little money with which to buy gifts for those I love.  I had some scrap gold that I had been meaning to sell for quite a long time, but I kept talking myself out of it because I've had mostly bad experiences trying to sell that kind of thing; plus things hadn't been going too well for me, and I was sure that this too wouldn't work out.

But a friend of mine had told me that I would get a square deal at Fort Knox; and one day I was so completely broke that I finally decided to try anyway.

It was so cool!  The gentleman and his son were very kind and courteous to me.  Generally, people who buy gold have been almost insulting in my experience; I was really surprised how nice these guys were.

And when he handed me the money, I almost fell over!!  Safe to say, it was waaay more than I ever thought I would get.

The rest of my holiday season was very merry indeed.  

I will always remember how stoked I felt walking out of there that day."

Pamela D

Alameda CA

"I wanted to let people know that I had a great experience at Fort Knox of Alameda. I was named as Executor of the estate when my dear friend Louise died suddenly of a heart attack last May. She left word in her will to give some of her jewelry to several of her friends and sell the rest to pay her bills and settle the estate. She also had a coin collection of silver dollars from the mid-1800's. I took the jewelry and the coins to Fort Knox, and the owners, Linda and Mike, were really great. They paid me top dollar for the coins and the gold and silver jewelry, and were so nice and caring, they were very sensitive about the grief I was going through and handled everything very professionally but with a personal touch. Linda worked on the whole thing with me and was very efficient and knows everything about gold, silver, jewels, coins, etc. I would recommend her and Fort Knox very highly. I live in Berkeley and it is definitely worth the trip."

Kathy Labriola

Berkeley, CA


"My husbands co-worker told him about  this place and said this was the place to go when selling jewelry. They pay much better that the kiosk at the mall or the one through the mail. I had some items that I hadn't used in a long time and we decided to give it a shot.

I brought 5 pieces of jewelry that was sitting in my jewelry box for years and to my surprise the amount they offered was much more than we expected. Needless to say we were very SATISFIED!!"

Jenn C.

Vallejo, CA

"I had some old coins and didn't know the value. When I entered, the store the staff was very friendly and explained the value. The staff also gave me some valuable information on rare coins to look for. This place is a must if you have rare coins that you need to sell or get information."

Tim O

Alameda CA

"I have never even been in a shop like this. I had some jewelry to sell and I am in Alameda. When I yelped this seemed to be the only place in town. The reviews are a mixed bag.. I did not want to go to Oakland (I am from Davis...), so, with trepidation, I went over to Fort Knox.
They were helpful, polite, nice and the cash they offered for the items I brought seemed fair to me. I don't have any back ground in this area. They gave me some quotes on some other items I brought but did not sell. They did not rush me, and some of the non gold items I brought they simply gave back and explained.

I think this place is great. I really do not understand the negative reviews. An older lady was being helped while I was there, the guy was so polite and kind, she had some non gold items too. No one was rude or mean. I would go there again if I needed to sell gold items. PLUS, when I mentioned that I had read some negative yelp reviews and did not agree with them, he gave me an additional bonus on my gold exchange for being nice. Cool!"

Cassie P
Davis CA

"My wife wanted to get rid of three old gold chains that she never wears, so we took them here. The woman behind the counter was very helpful and efficient. She took one look at each piece under a lens and said "OK, this one's 14 carat, this one's 18 carat, and this one's 24." She was right on all three counts, so immediately I felt better about our chances of getting a fair price. She weighed them, wrote down a price for each, and told us what we'd be getting.

From all the horror stories we had heard about places like this, we had a really low figure in mind for what we would be getting. The amount we actually got was triple what we were thinking. Granted, we might have had a REALLY lowball figure in mind, but when you start with low expectations you're usually going to end up pleasantly surprised. And we were. Throw in the friendly service and it's like an added bonus."
Matt L
Alameda CA

"I'm treated well when I enter the doors of Fort Knox.  I shop for deals on silver all around the Bay and they are actually one of my favorites.  Owners Linda and Mike (along w/their son) are cool people who have a lot of knowledge about the world of silver.  Plus they are extremely competitive in price!"

Lakeisha C.

Oakland, CA



"Wonderful staff, they have good deals here. Business has been around forever."

Aaron W.

San Ramon, CA



"Gold & silver as well as other precious metals are gaining value daily in today's economy. As a result there are businesses and  TV infomercials popping up everywhere looking to swindle us out of our assets. Fort Knox is the only place I fully trust doing business with. They are beyond fair and offer prices unmatched by anyone else hands down. Weather I'm buying or selling I always receive excellent treatment from Mike (Owner) as well as the rest of his staff. And on top of that they offer advice and guidance that is derived from 30+ years in the business. I have sent my parents, children, close family friends in to patronize Fort Knox with out hesitation. I am always certain they will receive fair and honest treatment. Highly recommended and trusted."

Chris C.

Berkeley, CA