The highly trained staff at Fort Knox Rare Coin and Bullion provides a wide range of services to meet your needs, including:


      • Buying Scrap Gold and Silver

We buy any gold or silver items, regardless of the condition . We are always in need of gold chains,school rings,dental gold, wedding rings, and any item marked sterling silver, regardless of condition.


  • Buying and Selling Coin and Paper Money

We buy and sell all United States paper money. Please bring them in for our generous offer, with no obligation on your part. We also purchase foreign coins, especially if they have any gold or silver content.


  • Buying and Selling Diamonds

Whether buying or selling, contact us for the best possible prices. We are always in constant need of diamond rings and loose gem stones.We can also supply you with any size and quality stone you desire.


  • Investment Programs

If you wish to acquire investment quality coins please call and make an appointment with Michael Sr., Linda, or our son Michael to discuss you numismatic needs. We are all expert, certified coin graders.


  • Want Lists

We are currently part of a networked computer system with approximately 1500+ dealers nationwide. If we do not have the item you are looking for, we will glad to locate it for you at a very competitive price. Drop into our store at your convenience and fill out a want list card or send us your list in the mail.


  • Finders Fees

If you locate a numismatic coin collection or diamonds which we purchase, we will reward you a 3% finders fee.


  • Publications

We sell a range of useful publications including; Numismatic News, Coin World, The Blue Book (The handbook of U.S. coins) and The Red Book (A guide of US coins).  We also carry Whitman coin folders and other supplies.